Strategy Program Mission Zero


Resource shortages, environmental pollution and climate change are some of the major challenges of the present time.

With our "Mission Zero" program, we are making a sustainable contribution to our planet and its inhabitants. "Mission Zero" focuses on the areas of resource efficiency, diversity and inclusion. Our guiding principles are the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 

Why Resource Efficiency?

Waste separation aims to ensure that as many materials as possible can be recycled. After all, recycling benefits the environment. However, it only works if packaging is disposed of separately according to material type so that it can subsequently be recycled. 

Residual waste that ends up incorrectly in the "yellow" container, the paper trash or the glass waste makes the sorting process much more difficult and can even make it impossible to recycle the packaging. That's why resource efficiency starts right here with proper waste separation. 

Why Diversity and Inclusion?

Diversity and inclusion must be anchored in the long term to ensure equal opportunities, reduce discrimination and effectively banish hate.


We break down barriers, create an appetite for new things, and open our eyes to all of us as human beings. For example, this includes raising awareness of uniconcious biases, gender-sensitive language, and queer lifestyles.